guns ablazin'

okay i have like, six pages of likes to queue up i’ll do it tomorrow i’m finally home 

that was so much fun, seriously. even the crazy shit.

i’m gonna read some ‘youth in revolt’, llearn nicki minaj lyrics and go to bed. 

Man on bus next to Mariam and I…


please do not use womens lotion, thank you.

especially when you look like Vin Diesel. 

Don’t fucking talk okay? But I lost my glasses at the Dunkin’ Donuts! I lost my fucking glasses and I can’t see anything!
guy on the bus next to katie and i

wow WOW w o w.

this weekend was all sorts of perfect.

this is about to be a train wreck. 
we have cupcakes also.

When I say weakass you say bitch.




hi chicago is kickass

i’m sitting on an air mattress that i haven’t left since last night

it’s 3:30pm