guns ablazin'

kimkardashian: #BringYourDaughterToWorkDay


im dead ass serious at how amazing it is that a black man can keep it 100% at all times and puts up a big middle finger to false modesty and says out loud how amazing he is and can maintain mainstream success while incorporating subject matter in his music that is rejected from the mainstream that embraces him like wow he’s actually a revolutionary not just in the rap game just in general

im in yeezy stan mode rn

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what if jay didn’t think that shit cray.

‘no kanye, that shit is actually not cray at all, you’re over reacting.’ 

#i don’t care what she ordered kanye #can we just be quiet for a minute i’m admiring the Eiffel Tower can you just let me have this one moment for GODS SAKE

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Kim goes to knock on Kanye’s door but pauses. She hears mumbling from inside the room. She cracks the door to peek inside and sees Kanye sitting in the dark talking to his reflection. Nothing new.



wow Kanye’s gettin’ real deep on twitter today check it out

you thought I was kidding but (read bottom to top)

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Kanye Potter and the Chamber of Cray