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Friendzone ideology isn’t attacked because “nice guys” are comical or because fedoras make a funny meme, it’s because this logic is literally dangerous. This logic of “gentleman = deserving sex” breeds hatred of women, and brutal violence against women, and if a 22 year old self-proclaimed “supreme gentleman” murdering 7 in a campus shooting spree because of sexual rejection doesn’t drive that home, I don’t know what else would.

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I want to know about the Muslim women in the Olympics rather than the hijabs and long sleeves that they are wearing or not wearing. I want to read about Muslim women’s ground-breaking fashion achievements, not about whether hijab enables or prevent them from being successful or even pious. And I would like to hear from the new Egyptian First Lady about her role within the new government instead of her hijab and “fashion” style.

At this point in time where there is so much attention around Muslim women, and when many of them are contributing so much, it is about time that we look at what these women have to say, what they do, what they achieve, instead of how they choose to dress.

Hijab: A Muslim Woman’s only Achievement?|| Muslimah Media Watch

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