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Nothing has more strength than dire necessity. -Euripides


childish gambino - that power

@9:47pm on 24 Aug68+


I hope Rick Santorum blinks when he’s right in front of a Weeping Angel. 

@2:40am on 29 Mar670+
AH;  YES;  


Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea

@5:23am on 16 Mar39+
AH;  this;  
@10:40am on 3 Mar1219+
queen;  so gorgeous;  ah;  
@12:24am on 16 Oct78+
my two favorite things in one post;  ah;  
@10:20pm on 8 Oct595+
this was my favorite episode of tennants;  even though he was not really in it;  i also didnt know who carey was at the time i discovered it;  ah;  


The Living Wake (2007)

@11:59am on 8 Oct4+
such a fantastic movie so far;  ah;  
@12:48pm on 7 Oct19+
andy my boy;  i hate your fucking face;  ah;  
@1:05pm on 6 Oct222+
andrew garfield please stop with your face;  just go home;  i hate it;  ah;  
@10:13pm on 4 Oct145+
julie and lia you better blacklist andrew garfield i suppose;  ah;  this fucking movie;  
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