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Nothing has more strength than dire necessity. -Euripides

white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant

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My mom would put on John Denver. He had a song that went, “Life is so good / my life is so good these days / life is so good these days / my life is so good.” It made me unbelievably angry as a child. I don’t know, I was like… Excuse me, sir, where is your existential angst? I don’t buy it. You’re full of shit, John Denver. Rest in peace.

Annie Clark [x
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Sorry teacher I cant do my homework because I don’t fucking give a shit

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well one of us is going to have to change…

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Lobster Rolls with Garlic Butter Buns

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give me;  
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I hate how this website glorifies the curse of being forced to push a boulder up a mountain only to watch it roll down again over and over, and being doomed to repeat this task eternally

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Short people are closer to the ground and closer to satan

@2:40am on 23 Apr324573+

"This episode was all about how the tiniest, seemingly innocuous disturbances can throw off the orbit of a person’s life, sending him or her careening off and colliding into other people’s paths: a misplaced purse, a malfunctioning conference-call box, a love note removed from a vase of flowers. (And that’s what Mad Men is so, so good at: the inevitable yet somehow still surprising consequences of actions we don’t think matter at the time.) It seems Sally came crashing into Don’s ever-more-depressing little universe at just the right moment, offering him what might be the most unconditional love he’s ever known." —The Atlantic

@11:58pm on 22 Apr900+
MAD MEN!!!!;  
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