guns ablazin'
If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.
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Helplessness Blues | Fleet Foxes

If I know only one thing, it’s that everything that I see
Of the world outside is so inconceivable often I barely can speak.
Yeah I’m tongue-tied and dizzy and I can’t keep it to myself.
What good is it to sing helplessness blues,
Why should I wait for anyone else?


heller — to hella
je helle                     nous hellons
tu helles                   vous hellez
il/elle helle                ils/elles hellent

passé composé: (avec avoir) hellé

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by Kaethe Butcher


Broods “Mother & Father“

I don’t want to just be fine
I don’t want to keep on hoping
Forget what I have in mind

lesson learned: only make jokes about staring into the abyss with humanities profs.


girls wearing boxers is such a frickin’ turn on. along with girls wearing beanies. and girls wearing plaid shirts. and girls wearing tank tops. and girls in general.

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drake is gonna write a song called “the chair” and its gonna drop at number one where he’s just rapping about his experience in that video seeing gods he doesn’t even believe in

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